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10 Fab Facts About EdTech

edtech elissa g 1

Edtech, or, Education technology is, essentially, the use of technology and IT tools, for example, projectors, laptops, and interactive online courses, deployed to complement classroom teaching to create a more engaging learning experience for students. Education technology as a concept started to arise in 1995 with the development of learning management systems. It was primarily used for online courses, assignment questions, and discussion forums. As its purpose involves making learning more efficient, and effective, education technology has continued to evolve since. It has become an important addition to school learning, and has been particularly helpful within the last two years when students and teachers made the transition to remote learning during lockdown.

Click here for the 10 facts that we find the most fab about education technology!

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Elissa G

I am the marketing assistant for Odyssey Education. At Odyssey, it’s all about The Journey; how do Schools and Colleges drive attainment and educational vision through innovative and exciting use of technology? We provide free IT consultancy to help you find the right tech! Our services also include providing hardware, software, and managed services to schools, colleges, academies and Trusts.

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