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3D Printing Tips for the Classroom

3D Printing tips for teachers

3D printing in the classroom should form part of every schools curriculum. For children, learning 3D printing should be like learning to send an email. But where do teachers start with integrating this into lessons? Are there any tips that are specific for classroom learning? The first thing you need is a 3D printer to print out students work. Then you need to think about what are you actually going to teach? What is the logistical implications of trying to print out whole classes of students work? What do teachers need to consider to ensure that their experience is as streamlined as possible? Here I have outlined five quick tips for making 3D printing in the classroom as easy as possible….
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Philip Cotton

"- Founder of a 3D printing curriculum resource for teachers. - Founder of a 3dprinting community that allows the sharing and printing designs. - National STEM Centre 3D printing consultant - Winner of the 2013 and 2014 3DPrintshow educational excellence award! - High School Design and Technology Teacher"

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