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8 Worry Busting Tips To Support Childhood Anxiety

We all worry, it’s natural. It can be hard to see our children struggle and to have worries but what can we do? Lynn How from Positive Young Minds describes how she always tries to talk through her childrens’ worries no matter how small they may seem.

Something that seems small to us can be a massive worry in our child’s life. Lynn is very aware that if we talk to our children about the small, seemingly trivial worries they are more likely to come to us with bigger worries.

Read the whole blog here.

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The author

Lynn How

Lynn has been teaching for 20 years during which time she has been an Assistant Head and a Lead Mentor at a Teacher Training institution. Currently, she is working as a SENCO. She loves to write, including research, children‘s poetry and she has an MA in Education, NASENCO and NPQH. Lynn’s particular areas of interest are wellbeing (staff and pupil), SEND, children’s mental health, leadership, mentoring and coaching. She has written for Teacher Toolkit and has her own blog The site hosts a range of articles, resources and info graphics on all things SEMH - including educator wellbeing. She also has a coaching group with free monthly events: In her leisure time, she loves to spend time with her family and in the great outdoors walking and climbing. She is also a Scout climbing instructor and assessor. Her children are 10 and 6 and therefore she can appreciate first-hand the pressure children, educators and parents are under!

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