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AI Expert Interview: Di Mayze

Fire Tech’s UK Country Manager, Ed Halliday interviews AI expert Di Mayze.

Fire Tech asks her what her role involves and what her company does, her journey into her role and her tips and advice for young people on the future of AI.

[0:000:18] Introduction

[0:181:51] Tell us a bit about your role at WPP and what your organisation do at WPP in relation to AI.

[1:514:30] Tell us a more about your personal story, your background and how you ended up in this role.

[4:306:10] Why do you think young people should care about AI and what exciting things can it enable people to make?

[6:108:40] What would you say to young people who are interested in AI?

[8:409:45] Summary and final thoughts.

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The author

Di Mayze

Di Mayze is the current Global Head of Data and AI at WPP. Di‘s a top Business School MBA and over twenty years’ digital and consulting experience and strongly believes it’s important for people to engage with technology like AI from a young age.

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