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Change Management in Your School

Want to implement something new within your school? However radical it is, explaining it to your team and having them on board makes it so much easier. Here is the first vlog from Mal Krishnasamy.

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The author

Mal Krishnasamy

Mal is a former senior leader of ten years in a variety of London schools leading teaching & Learning & CPD. As a consultant, she supports educational leaders through Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) recognised coaching & leadership development courses or bespoke on-going support. Mal is also a facilitator at the Institute of Education for the NPQML/SL courses. She introduces a coaching culture to organisations and provides 1-1 coaching for teachers and leaders. As an advocate of staff & student well-being and gender equality, Mal is a member of the National SMSC Quality Mark Steering Group, a Regional Leader for WomenEd, the Dorset Advocate for the MaternityCPD Project & a Gender Equality Charter Ambassador.

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