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Counting: 10 to 0 then 0 to -10

Really fun maths starter for counting from 10 and down though 0 to minus 10. I find that by physically saying the number as they jump through the hoops, it helps them understand how counting through zero works.
We then move onto starting at a number and discussing which number we will land on if we count up or down from that number.

Finally, we finish with a little game where I give a two step question and the children race to the answer. As a class, we then discuss if the answers are correct, checking by jumping back through the hoops.
The kids love this starter and its a great way of demonstrating counting through 0 (plus its a great way of getting the kids active).

Give it a go!

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Simon Hunt

Mr Hunt is a primary school teacher who has taught Reception, Year 6 and now a mixed year 3/4 class. He loves creative and innovative ways of teaching to engage children. He is an SLE, specialising in creative and innovative teaching ideas. He shares some of his ideas through his Facebook page and connects with teachers in the UK and around the world. He has presented at various educational conferences and has provided CPD sessions, staff meetings and bespoke twilight sessions. He has also been invited to speak at the international Superpod 6 conference held on San Jaun Island, Washington USA.

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