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Don't Copy an Innovative Culture – grow your own!

In this series of videos, Stephen Holden discusses why it is imperative that school leaders don’t try to build an innovative culture by copying ideas and processes from other schools. The only way to ensure long-term success and true innovation is to grow your own from the ground up.

In the first part of the session, Stephen discusses the phrase ‘He’s Alright!’ and how wanting people to say this in the early stages of influencing change was important to him. “For innovation to flourish, who you are matters more than the policies you implement.” Session one also focuses on how Stephen and his leadership team articulated what really mattered to them and lived this vision daily.

Be the best version of yourself. Stephen will describe how asking staff to constantly self-reflect and focus on happiness fuelled a rapid culture change

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The author

Stephen Holden

Through his current roles as Executive Headteacher, public speaker, writer, SEND lead and Ofsted Reference Group member, Stephen Holden lives his vision that excellent leadership and rapid school improvement derive from genuine positive relationships.

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