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Education is the Key

As the owner of 4 environmental companies, I was always aware in my days of teaching that sustainability and climate change were not as inclusive as they should be.

Following leaving full-time teaching I became treasurer and chair of marketing for the national Ground Source Heat Pump Association, with a subsequent position of director.

From this mix of experience and expertise, I felt compelled to produce schemes of work for teachers to use as they stand, adapt or ask me to teach. I am acutely aware of the limitations of the National Curriculum in this area and so I have demonstrated pathways within the curriculum throughout the schemes.
I can help and support teachers who are not confident in this area by visiting the individual teacher, whole school or local authority to explain how to put Climate Change and Sustainability to the fore.
I have also worked with colleges to produce a scheme for 16-18 year old students considering a career in the renewables sector.

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The author

Andrea Ellison

Andrea Ellison was a teacher and head-teacher in the state and independent sectors, teaching all 4 Key Stages. She has written Schemes of Work for Key Stages 1- 3. This free of charge resource is available for teachers to download from our website and adapt to their own curriculum and classroom. She has drafted a proposal for GCSE and has worked with colleges in compiling and delivering their curriculum.

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