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FREE- Home Learning Challenges for Children and Families

10 Big Ideas- Cornerstones

It’s the beginning of the summer holidays (finally) but have you, as a parent, heard those words yet..?

‘I’m bored’.

Although Cornerstones prepared these for home learning, there are lots of great ideas here to keep the kids busy, quiet and engaged. Click through to find 120 free activity ideas for KS1 and KS2.

Read the whole blog here.

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Caroline Pudner

Caroline has been in her role since 2013. She writes curriculum materials, teaching resources and blogs, and hosts the education podcast, The Curriculum. Caroline has 10 years primary teaching experience, where she specialised in literacy and music. She previously worked as a museums and galleries learning officer, primary tutor, adult learning tutor, and in education public relations for a town council. Caroline is currently a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching.

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