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It's a Diverse World Out There

Stephen Holden’s NQT Series In this series of vlogs Stephen Holden, Executive Headteacher, covers how to apply for, secure and settle into the right school for you. Aimed at NQT’s and people at the start of their career, these three short videos give handy hints and tips to help candidates stand out from the rest.

It’s a Diverse World Out There The way a school is led can greatly affect your wellbeing. Understanding leadership styles can really help you when choosing the right school for you. In the third video of this series, Stephen explains how to spot how a school is led so that you can choose a school that will make you happy.

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Stephen Holden

Through his current roles as Executive Headteacher, public speaker, writer, SEND lead and Ofsted Reference Group member, Stephen Holden lives his vision that excellent leadership and rapid school improvement derive from genuine positive relationships.

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