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Journey to Leadership

In this blog, Paul reflects on his leadership journey in the hope that it will give some reassurance to those who are aspiring to a leadership position in school. He wanted to show that everyone’s journey is different and that obstacles and hurdles are often the necessary building blocks in shaping and moulding you to be the best leader you can be. Men Teach Primary reached out to help Paul, as a male primary teacher, to find his voice.  He found it as cathartic experience and has given him the motivation to reflect and share his experiences more.

Read the whole blog here.

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The author


Paul qualified to teach in 2007 from the GTP and has had the pleasure of teaching in a wide range of primary schools throughout London. Having led on Curriculum & Assessment last year, he will be taking on the role of Deputy Headteacher from September this year. Children’s resilience, independence and wellbeing is his aim as a teacher, but he’s also committed to making sure teachers workload is reduced, and ultimately their wellbeing is equally looked after. To relax, you might find him running around the parks and river trails, or snuggled up on the sofa with a film or book.

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