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Kickstarters – 3rd Football Training Session- Dribbling

This is the third training session from Kickstarters and is perfect for getting moving during Home Learning.
It’s great fun for kids and they can practise as much as they want.

Focus – Dribbling in a tight space.
Equipment needed :

  • different colour markers (different colour toys possibly)
  • a ball ⚽
  • a goal 🥅
  • stopwatch ⌚

Activity 1 – Avoid the colour markers!
Activity 2 – Collect the cones
Activity 3 -. Through the gates

We hope you enjoy these activities! Have fun!

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The author

Neal Watts

Whilst working as a key stage one teacher, Neal attended a fantastic CLPE training course which highlighted the importance of reading. It became clear to him that books can be used as a vehicle to bring children’s imagination to life whilst also raising their academic achievement. He came away feeling inspired. As well as being a teacher, he is also a football coach, and during this school year, he developed a unique idea - Kickstarters.

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