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My Companion, Anxiety

A window to the soul. A brave look at anxiety.

It sneaks up like an unexpected deep triggered memory.

Fills the space between the ribs with a pulsating hum which grows and grows in momentum and strength until it crashes like a ball against a wall sending you into flips of self doubt and trepidation.

Accompanied by a friend full of ferocious comments repeating self doubt & chunks of venom so loud they blast through organised patterns of unity & order. A rippling of sharpness moves through your body reminding you of its presence & importance.Sharp intakes of breath seem to add fuel to the everlasting wave of increasing hot fire inviting the head to join in the fun adding a shadowy haze to the mixture.

Shakes, shakes, shakes begin, joined by blinkered perceptions cloaked in acceptance.

Headlights focused on the present creating a fuzzy focused figure within a shadowed team of strangers & unrecognised voices.

Voices blend into a whirl of sounds cascading and fighting for their place in priority.

Pupils widen to catch a glimpse of potential searching for a chunk of light to signify calm & reassurance.

Will it pass?


Will it happen again?

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The author

Jayne Carter

Jayne is a committed shoe lover and School Effectiveness Advisor for Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust. She loves discussing all things Early Years with anyone who will give her the opportunity and prides herself in looking after the adults in the hope that they can also look after the children. Achieve your potential! Winner of ‘Literacy / Numeracy Blog of the Year’ at the 2019 Nexus Education Awards.

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