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Resilience Video Series: Self-Regulation

We often hear that we need to build resilience or have resilience. But what is resilience?

The next video in iSpace Wellbeing’s video series looking at, and learning about resilience. This week we look at Self-Regulation.

Video 4: Self- Regulation
Emotions are neither good nor bad. When we suppress them, they have a habit of popping up anyway. We all need to feel what needs feeling. Learn how to accept and expect experiences of all emotions, as they all have a purpose.
Our emotions provide us with information and help us understand what actions we need to take. But how do we hone this effective coping skill?

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The author

Paula Talman

Paula Talman is the founder of iSpace Wellbeing; a complete wellbeing curriculum solution created to support schools and teachers in improving the mental and emotional wellbeing of their students. A school inspector, school nurse and safeguarding officer, Paula knows first hand how important it is that schools offer a preventative approach to mental and emotional wellbeing, including guidance on who and how to ask for help.

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