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School Holiday Teacher Tips

Unless you’re already on school holidays, today might be your last day! Horray!

In this blog, Thomas Blakemore details why his time off is so important and why he doesn’t feel guilty switching off.

Thomas’ 7 main points are:

1: Don’t for guilty for not working!

2: Manage your time

3: Do something you love each day

4: Be social

5: Be alone

6: Rest

7: Take a trip

Read the whole blog here.

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The author

Thomas Blakemore

Thomas started his career after Graduating From Edge Hill University where he studied BA (hons) Primary Mathematics Education with QTS. In the UK, Thomas taught in Upper Key Stage 2. Now teaching abroad in Dubai he teaches in Year 3 while leading humanities. Thomas started his YouTube channel in the UK to show share advice and support to parents and children at school. This has since evolved to creating videos and vlogs to support teachers globally providing an honest overview of the challenges in education and how to overcome them. Thomas regularly contributes WAGOLL blog.

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