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Webinar: Supporting Students In These Unprecedented Times

In this webinar, Katie will be looking at supporting student wellbeing in these unprecedented times.

We’ll reflect on the challenges faced so far this year: what impact this is having on our young people and why a readjustment period is needed where wellbeing is the focus.

What preparations you need to make before the new school year starts to support your students’ well being.

How to form, build and invest in relationships during this transition period:

– continue to strengthen the relationships between students and staff – help new groups of students form relationships with each other while still socially distancing – use the experiences of parents/carers to support each student as they – transition back to school – help rebuild relationships between students after being isolated for so long

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Katie has been a secondary school teacher for 14 years with an enthusiasm for integrating technology and creativity into learning. She also has a passion for supporting students and teachers with personal development and well being. You can find specific ideas on teaching Character Education, Social-Emotional Learning, and Art and Technology Integration, via her blog at You can also discover free tips for teachers on productivity, well being, mindset and more on the Teach On Teach Strong podcast.

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