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The Return to School – Life after Lockdown

It’s been almost 3 weeks since those who are able to return to school have done.
The last few months have been a challenging time. The focus on staying safe and staying home meant adjusting to a new and different way of living, studying and learning for us all. 
As schools start to go back, for many children it will be an exciting time of reconnecting with teachers, friends and seeing how school has changed. For others it may mean a mix of emotions as they balance concerns and worries alongside relief that we are getting back to a sense of normality.
As the weight of the extra responsibility of homeschooling eases, how can you support a smooth and happy return to school and help the children you look after adjust to their new normal?
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The author

Paula Talman

Paula Talman is the founder of iSpace Wellbeing; a complete wellbeing curriculum solution created to support schools and teachers in improving the mental and emotional wellbeing of their students. A school inspector, school nurse and safeguarding officer, Paula knows first hand how important it is that schools offer a preventative approach to mental and emotional wellbeing, including guidance on who and how to ask for help.

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