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Nexus Education Announce Partnership with the Independent Schools Portal

Nexus Education, has today (20th June 2019) announced a partnership with education training providers, Independent Schools Portal. This will enable over 800 schools in the 2019/20 academic year to access great training and informative, money saving, speed networking sessions across the UK.

The partnership will see Nexus Education add their innovative NeXworking sessions to the Independent School Portal’s regional events. The Independent School Portal’s 25+ whole day professional development events will take place across the UK in 2019/20 and will attract around 22 independent schools per session. The sessions are one of the cornerstones of an independent school leader’s training calendar.
As a result of this partnership, independent schools attending the CPD sessions will continue to be able to access high quality, vital, training and development for just £35 as opposed to £300+ without Nexus Education’s funding.
Nexus Education co-founders, Damien Challenger and Mike Reardon commented, “We are extremely excited to be partnering with the ISP to bring our informative sessions to hundreds of independent schools across the UK in the 2019/20 school year. Working alongside the ISP, the whole day sessions will continue to become the bedrock of a school leader’s training and networking activities to ensure that UK schools stay ahead of the curve.”
Since September 2018, bespoke NeXworking sessions have saved 500+ state schools across the UK, tens of thousands of pounds through pertinent introductions to solutions addressing each school group’s individual needs.
These savings are in addition to Nexus Education donating 20% of their own revenue directly to schools working alongside them. This is part of an aim to donate £100,000 to schools by 2022.
The 25+ independent school events are in addition to the 25 planned state school events Nexus Education will be solely delivering in 2019/20 across the UK.
Founder of the Independent Schools Portal, David Winfield, said, “I’m absolutely delighted that we are partnering with Nexus Education to help our schools develop strong commercial relationships with highly-valued education providers and to ensure that our professional development programmes are made widely available and accessible to all schools, at a time when training budgets are under such severe pressure. This is a perfect fit for us as Nexus share our core ethos and values of supporting educators to make teaching and learning as good as it can possibly be for pupils”

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The author

Damien Challenger

Damien is the co-founder of Nexus Education - a collaboration of over 11,000 schools, 500 solution providers and other key figures across the education sector. Nexus encourages, and aids, group collaboration across a number of areas including procurement and training to ensure the best possible outcomes for children in schools all over the UK. Nexus has invested over £100,000 directly into UK schools via #NeXworking.

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