Do you want to generate high quality school leads qualified to be interested in YOUR products and solutions?

Nexus Education is a community of over 11,000 school leaders across the UK coming together to research and procure more effectively.

How does NeXworking work?

During our booking process with the group we survey every school to find out what their specific needs, interests and wants are over the next 12 months. We then use this information to build a bespoke session and match up providers, like yourself, to interested schools.

Our processes ensure the very best opportunity for you on the day as well as a proven route to market and a cost effective way to generate high quality, QUALIFIED, leads.

Nexworking ROI Calculator

Calculate the ROI of a Nexus event

Nexus Event Cost £950
Average Number of Schools Per Event 20
Predicted Number of Leads Acquired 800
Predicted Revenue Year 1 £400
Predicted Lifetime Revenue £1200
Predicted ROI Year 1 50%
Predicted Lifetime ROI 40%

Want to meet our schools?

1. Complete this two minute survey which gives us all the information regarding how you can help our schools.

Contact Details

Average Order Value

What is your average order value, per school? We need this to ensure we’re matching you up to schools with the budget to work with you.


Please note: This should be rounded to the nearest whole pound. Decimals are not accepted.

Solution Areas

Would you like to receive update emails from Nexus Education?

 2. We use the results of the above survey to match you up to groups of our schools who have a need for what you offer.

3. We arrange for you to meet the qualified schools (physically or digitally) via our NeXworking format.

 4. We gather all of the data from our schools and give it to you in a post-event report, along with contact details of schools that want to discuss purchasing.

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