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As a sector we’re constantly expected to be at the forefront of new ideas, practices, tools and solutions. It’s a struggle to find the time (and energy) to constantly research, contact, meet and implement new ways of teaching or running your school. We’re here to help..

Search our library of school tested solutions to get insight into how other school leaders, teachers and pedagogists have solved the challenges of education

You can search for guidance articles in our blogs, free events offering CPD, funding and showcasing products and services, or find companies who can help you solve specific school problems directly.

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Funding & CPD

Nexus has donated tens of thousands of pounds and hours of bespoke CPD to schools, tailored to fit their specific needs. To secure your funding all we need is around 60-90 minutes of your time.


How many hours have you spent planning your new monitoring and assessment tracking routine, or thinking about what you will include in your next classroom wall display only to see speak with another teacher who’s solved it and think “this could have saved me hours!” Well, why not try searching our community blogs for ideas and inspiration before doing the heavy lifting?

Solution Providers

School leaders spend an average of 1.5 days per week researching, emailing and phoning solutions to issues they are having. That doesn’t even account for the time spent hosting CPD, travelling to trade shows and meeting providers. 

Why not use our directory of solutions, evaluated, used and approved by other schools from the Nexus Community?

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