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What is NeXworking?

A 90-minute speed networking event designed to provide our solution providers with qualified face-to-face conversations with senior school decision-makers.

Since 2018 we have qualified the needs of thousands of schools and matched them up to over 350 solution providers from across the UK and beyond.

How Does It Work?

Firstly, we’ll split the schools into six small groups. You’ll then spend 13 minutes with each small group talking about what you do, demonstrating your offering and answering any questions. Each school will rate you across a number of key metrics and if they want further contact. After 13 mins a bell will ring and we’ll move you on to the next group. This is repeated until you have seen all of the delegates in attendance.

Qualified and Quantified 

We fully qualify all our schools before a NeXworking session and only invite solution providers who meet the needs of our groups. This ensures that you will meet qualified schools with data supplied to you after the event quantifying the interest and impact you can have in their school along with the contact details of those wishing to purchase.

Want to meet our schools?

1. Complete this two minute survey which gives us all the information regarding how you can help our schools.

Contact Details

Average Order Value

What is your average order value, per school? We need this to ensure we’re matching you up to schools with the budget to work with you.


Please note: This should be rounded to the nearest whole pound. Decimals are not accepted.

Solution Areas

Would you like to receive update emails from Nexus Education?

 2. We use the results of the above survey to match you up to groups of our schools who have a need for what you offer.

3. We arrange for you to meet the qualified schools (physically or digitally) via our NeXworking format.

 4. We gather all of the data from our schools and give it to you in a report, post event, along with contact details of schools who want to take their interest further.

Leads and Lessons Learnt

We provide you with the feedback from every attendee, post-event, along with the contact details of all interested schools. This enables you to follow up quickly with the interested schools and learn the lessons from those who didn't want further contact. Don’t worry though - on average over 60% of conversations result in further demo's or purchase requests!


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