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The Nexus Education community is a space where anyone from the education sector can share their ideas, thoughts, experiences, tips and tricks with other like-minded professionals. It is also a space where those within the profession come together for support and advice.

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We are strong advocates of unshackling teachers and letting you blog on whatever you are passionate about however we have put some guidelines / FAQ’s together that will help you.

Why should I blog?

Read this piece by Nexus co-founder, Damien, about why everyone should consider blogging.

What can I write about?

You can write/speak on any subject you are passionate about. We find people write best when they are talking about what they love. If you like, we can edit your piece which we will always send you a draft of before it goes live. The piece must not be promoting a company in a commercial capacity.

Your piece must be original in its content and exclusive to our website – ie, not hosted anywhere else. If you want us to link out to an already published piece then we will need a minimum 150-word exclusive introduction so we can add context before linking out to your piece.

Have a look at some of our previous blogs for inspiration.

How often can I write?

You can write as little or as often as you like. We tend not to have deadlines as we know how busy people are and we are thankful for any time people give to Nexus. We feel this sets us apart as we know how much pressure those in the education sector are already under.

What do you need?

When you register you’ll be guided through creating your author account which will include:

Once your account is approved you should log back into your account and add:

What do you need for your blog?

Images and external content

Make sure you have permission to use images and external content displayed in your blog. You can see more in our terms and conditions.

The author owns the rights to the blog and accepts they have permission for all images used. Nexus Education Limited will not be held liable for any legal action taken if this is not the case and any disputes will be directed back to the original author.

Adding an image

In WordPress, select the + button in the top left-hand corner called ‘Toggle Block Inserter’. Scroll down to Media and drag the Image icon to where you would like your image in the blog. You can then upload any images you wish to add. We suggest a maximum of 3 images per blog to allow the blog to load on all devices.

Where do you send it?

In order to blog for Nexus Education, you must be registered to submit content on our site. It is FREE and can be done using the REGISTER TO BLOG button at the bottom of this page. You only need to register once and then you’ll use these credentials to log in in future.

Once you have finished your blog, select ‘Publish’ in the top right-hand corner. Your blog will then be submitted to our editor for approval before being scheduled for release on the platform. The editor will then be in touch regarding a publishing date.

Do I get paid for my blog?

We don’t currently pay our community for their blogs. Most see it as a way to increase their following and have a positive impact on the sector. It is important to state that we don’t make any money from our community (we don’t charge schools a penny) and we actually donate tens of thousands back to schools via our events platform – NeXworking.

Link Adding

I’m afraid we cannot add any external links to any blog after publishing.

Each blog is written by an author in the Nexus Education Community and the piece belongs to them.

You are more than welcome to add any helpful links and information via the comments section.

Nexus Education Awards

All blogs submitted will be considered for nomination at our annual Awards.


Thank you for considering sharing your thoughts with our community.

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