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5 Top Tips for Concerned Teachers

Carl Barton shares his 5 top tips to help struggling and concerned teachers.

Read his blog on how to help concerned students, here.

Teacher Carl Barton

During the first lockdown, a few colleagues asked me for some tips. I usually can be found (with a brew in my hand) speaking to students between sessions. Part of the joy of my pre lockdown tour was to travel the country and see the similarities between areas. 
Students returning to education following the unique experience of 2020, will have been exposed to fake news, or maybe scared because they think the building is not safe. 
So with this in mind, my lockdown lowdown tour (60,000+ audience) has suggested the following things helped them feel less apprehensive and more confident. 

1. Information
Now I am not going to use the phrase “Next Slide Please” but get a clear picture of the day’s events.  That way if you see a student say something that is false you can correct the information before it becomes an issue. 
Have a look at, and for Covid 19, the excellent Dr John Campbell youtube channel.  Great for myth-busting. 
2. Take time to make time
Take the time to plan, work, rest. Make time for it all- have a time slot.  
Listening and making time for concerned students and parents means so much. 
Always start the conversation with ‘I only have…’ This allows you to control the conversation length and to arrange a suitable longer meeting if required.  It will give you time to prepare. 
3.  Sleep / Work Hacks
To hack your sleep, no devices an hour before you head up to bed. Try AMSR soundscapes on YouTube. Rain is a winner, many of the channels are 10 hours in duration and the screen is blank so you can sleep. Apps like and Headspace can also help you unwind after a long day. 
If you can’t get hold of staff, parents, or managers for meetings?
A northern colleague made me laugh by saying “That’s not a problem here, we use a Mafia close. We simply make an offer they can’t refuse, we need a meeting, are you free at 3 pm today or 11 am tomorrow?”  At no point can they answer without an agreed time. 
Makes me smile every time I use this, even the most battle hard parent becomes a student on that call.  Thanks Rob 🙂 
4. You’ve got this
Seriously we’ve been in this for almost a year already, and you’re still rocking. Thank you for being awesome, this is not a fake gesture. Every single member of your staff needs a thank you, now, more than ever. Starting with you.  You are the difference that makes the difference. 
That’s why you teach 😉 YOU’VE GOT THIS! 
5. Remember to Smile
Smiles are infectious and breed confidence, even in a mask you can spot a miserable person. Your eyes and body language say more than you can ever do in words.  Stand up tall, you’re a teaching professional. Be proud!
The students will always be respectful to positive intent.  
Even if you are having the worst day ever, students and staff need to see you smile.

I have done my level best to make this light-hearted, with the best intentions, and to start the sharing of best practices, tips, hacks, and my career…… bodges (why not!?)
Check out the rest of Nexus Education’s blogs and services and if you get a chance, hop over to and connect with me on LinkedIn.  

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The author

Following a troubled time in his early teens, he almost made it to daytime Radio 1 before creating a “Plan B” business that left him with a short period of homelessness, serious emotional trauma and financial loss (almost 100k). He started a record label with a friend (and £10 from signing on) and within 4 years turned that into 4 albums, stadium shows, international radio play and used the success to pay off all his debt within 18 months to free himself in order to go to University. He later used the same skills to pay off all his student debt within 2 years of graduating. Setting up a community DJ school and taking back to the stage again to fund the next part of the journey. His business and production partner Damian passed away suddenly on tour in 2004, and Carl made the decision to hand all future royalties over to his family. And to walk away from chasing fame... Soon after he was recruited from a sales role within a major record label to become a Lecturer at Staffordshire University, teaching students how to survive on the rollercoaster of the music industry. Realising that many students were struggling with the pressures of studying, he qualified as a counsellor and joined the Universities trauma support team. 15 years later he realised he was being asked for his personal story and lessons learned, by more and more people. So he decided to leave the University and to create a set of shows to attempt to solve issues faced by young adults all over the UK. As a part of the research for the show he worked on the front line for 6 months, working for a mental health charity, gaining Safeguarding and Mental Health First Aid status along the way. He has also continued his work within the Radio industry helping create studios for another mental health charity. Alongside this he has spent the last decade as a go-to for various Motorsport teams, working with drivers to extract the best from themselves and their cars. This research was the basis of his MSc in Advanced Technology. Away from the stage, he is still obsessed with dance music and old VW’s.

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