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Adding value to your STEM and STEAM programme

Nexus Education is proud to announce our partnership with Steam School and offer our community the chance to work with Steam School on adding value to your existing STEM/STEAM programme and help you to inspire the next generation of scientific pioneers and tech entrepreneurs.


  1. It’s simple – Steam School is a perfect, easy to use resource to embed STEAM across the curriculum
  2. It saves you time AND money – by bringing young aspirational innovators into your classroom on a weekly basis
  3. It’s unique – Steam School gives schools a #behindthescenes look at science and tech companies, giving students an opportunity to find out how best to prepare for jobs in tech
  4. It’s motivating – our broadcasts motivate young people to engage in STEAM education by participating in weekly challenges with prizes for th
  5. It’s flexible – After the Thursday live show has ended, our video editing team produce a 15 minute overnight edit – which many of our schools use in Form Time programmes on a Friday.
  6. It’s complementary – Steam School works perfectly alongside a character education/growth mindset programme raising student aspirations in a digital / tech context.
  7. It’s valuable – Steam School contributes to Gatsby Benchmarks 1, 2, 4, 5

Annual subscriptions start at £495 for small schools and by using the code NEXUS at checkout, your school can have a further 25% off the price!
Check it out at 

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The author

Steam School connects schools with science and tech innovators via our weekly live broadcasts and accompanying mini challenges. By showcasing the stories of young innovators, discussing tech trends and scientific breakthroughs, Steam School inspires students to develop a new awareness about how rapid technological change is transforming the world in which we live. Our mission is to connect 100,000s students across the globe with STEAM innovators and to inspire them to create positive global change with science and technology. Steam School is currently recruiting for pioneering schools to join our community.

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