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Bringing The Classroom To The Great Outdoors


Percussion Play

To celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day on November 4th, Percussion Play is highlighting the benefits of outdoor music for students.

Classrooms have diversified during the Covid-19 pandemic with many teachers moving lessons outside but now many are realising the benefits this has had on children’s education.

By combining both music and the ‘great outdoors’, Percussion Play believe its instruments can help create fun and laughter and help to facilitate learning.

Percussion Play is the world-leading manufacturer of outdoor musical instruments and is seeing an ever-increasing interest in their inclusive outdoor instruments, with record sales this year.

Percussion Play’s musical instruments can support a child’s musical education and encourages both individual and group participation, particularly instruments such as the Duo that can help encourage children with learning difficulties to play music together.

In the UK researchers have found that children who have been educated in music performance or appreciation score 63 points higher in verbal skills and 44 points higher in maths skills in SATs tests.

Percussion Play has created a range of beautiful outdoor musical instruments which are played across the world in schools, libraries, parks, hospitals and senior living communities.  From the popular Calypso Chimes to the Harmony Flowers., Percussion Play’s instruments are designed to bring people together to create uplifting music.

Jody Ashfield, Founder and CEO of Percussion Play said: “We are proud to recognise and support this year’s Outdoor Classroom Day. As world leaders in the manufacturing of outdoor musical instruments we aim to champion learning and playing music outdoors.  The pandemic has taught educators that bringing the classroom outside can have multiple benefits.  We encourage schools to get outside and create and listen to music”.

You can read more research on the benefits of outdoor music in education settings here.

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