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Common Misconceptions in Maths

Chris Adams has been a maths teacher for 20 years. He has now also started to help high school students with the maths topics they want help with.

Chris has weekly webinars on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7 pm and has a host of pre-recorded content that your students can access when they choose and when they need it. Students can also request help with the topic they need additional support with.

In this video, Chris looks at common misconceptions in maths like the fact that now you’re in high school, you have no need for a number line. This isn’t true. If you’re struggling, go back to the basics and work from there.

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The author

Chris Adams has always enjoyed Maths, the simplicity, and precision of it. The elegance and grace. The undeniable, and irrefutable certainty of it. But what he loves more than all those things, is enabling others to see this as well. In a world filled with chaos and opinions, debate and debacle 1 + 1 has always been 2, and will always be 2, and everyone on the planet understands that it is 2. Maths transcends language, culture, religion and race; it is a global unifier and permeates to the heart of everything. Like every skill, regardless of your starting point you can improve and master this skill, if only you put your mind to it. He has taught over 2000 pupils and understands what a privilege it is to care, guide, and educate people’s most treasured of things, ‘their child’. Join him for weekly webinars on the topics you need support with, at a time that suits you, for the price of a cup of coffee. Personalised education can be, and should be available for all, now it is.

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