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How Can a Free Plagiarism Checker Assist Students?

Do you want to know if a  free plagiarism checker assists students in academics? If yes then this post will help you know the answer.


A plagiarism checker is not a test of honesty because we are all human and prone to making occasional stupid mistakes.

On the contrary, tools like plagiarism checkers can aid students’ writing development and improvement as they refine their skills.

In this post, we will discuss how a free plagiarism checker can assist students in their academic work.

So, without any further ado let’s get started!

What are Plagiarism Checkers and How Do They Work?

Plagiarism checkers are online tools developed on algorithms like string tiling, k-grams, and Haeckel’s algorithms to detect the right percentage of plagiarism in the content.

These tools use extensive databases to scan your provided text and to find its matching source on the internet.

Even a free plagiarism checker is really efficient and follows the following steps:

  • Take source text from users
  • Scan the entire text, and then start comparing each word, phrase, and line of your source text with this existing text online.

Plagiarism detectors generate results in a unique percentage format, the plagiarized and unique content percentages are calculated by the AI and Machine Learning algorithms.

This is how plagiarism checkers display results:

Ways a Free Plagiarism Checker Can Assist Students

Help Students Find Plagiarism in Paraphrased Assignments

No matter how intelligent a student you are, you can still make mistakes in paraphrasing. When students do manual paraphrasing, they frequently look at and read the original content which increases the risks of plagiarism.

Because constantly looking at the source text can cause unintentional plagiarism in your assignments, you can copy some words or sentences from the source text to your paraphrased text without even noticing.

Normally, students don’t bother checking for plagiarism when they are manually paraphrasing as they are confident about their paraphrasing skills. But, checking your paraphrased assignment through a plagiarism checker can highlight those words and sentences that you unintentionally copied in your assignment from the original source.

If you submit the assignment with plagiarism even if it is unintentional, it still counts as plagiarism and you can lose your marks over that so, why not use a free plagiarism checker to find plagiarism in your paraphrased assignments?

Help students cite accurate sources

Citing sources in the reference section is an important part of any assignment or research paper and students mostly lost track of the sources from where they copied information to use in their assignments and research work.

This happens mostly in the case of lengthy assignments that take weeks to complete and if students cite any incorrect source, this will count as plagiarism and their grades can affect negatively.

So, instead of citing any random source in case you don’t remember the original source and risking your grades, you can use a plagiarism checker tool to let you find the correct source.

Amazing right?

All you need to do is paste the text into a plagiarism checker whose source is unknown and hit the button, the tool will start comparing your text with almost every online source available and list the exact matched source.


You can copy that source from the tool and use it in any citation style whether it’s APA, MLA, or Chicago. This way you can ensure the credibility of your work and save it from plagiarism issues.

Help Students by Providing an Automatic Plagiarism Report for Proof

Universities and institutions where students are more likely to submit research papers may ask students to include a plagiarism report with their papers.

Generating a plagiarism report manually is difficult, time-consuming, and inconvenient.

Some online plagiarism checkers allow you to save your plagiarism report to your computer. The report is often presented in PDF format, and can not be edited for diverse purposes.

Not all tools provide a plagiarism report but authentic plagiarism detectors must contain this feature to assist students with their academic work.

A plagiarism report consists of:

  • The exact percentage of plagiarism.
  • Highlighted plagiarized sentences in red color.
  • List of matched sources.

Students can take advantage of free plagiarism checkers that allow them to generate and download reports because manually writing a plagiarism report is way hectic.

Attaching a plagiarism report ensures that the student submits his work in compliance with regulations requiring plagiarism reports to be submitted alongside coursework.

Encourage Students to Review Their Work

Last but not least, the practice and habit of reviewing academic work are very crucial for students but, not every student bothers to review their assignments and research work, they just write or paraphrase it and hit submit.

Reviewing work can help students in many ways like making their assignments free of writing errors and ensuring uniqueness.

Plagiarism checkers can encourage students to always review their work before submitting it. When students use plagiarism checkers regularly, they develop the habit of reviewing their work for plagiarism and writing mistakes that include grammatical and spelling errors.

Last Words

Plagiarism detectors are AI-powered tools that work to detect an accurate percentage of plagiarism in the user-inserted text. Plagiarism checkers are great for students as these tools assist students in many ways. Some of these ways are discussed in the above sections.

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