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Letter to My First Graders

Dear student,

I hope that you read this letter at the perfect time in your life.  I imagine you coming across this letter accidentally when you are all grown up.   I hope it will encourage you and remind you how special you are.

Congratulations on completing the first grade!  You worked hard and diligently all year long, and I am so proud of your efforts.  This book showcases some of our snapshots of the year.  It was my privilege to be your teacher and to watch you grow!

I loved working with all of you so much that I want to teach first grade as long as I am able.

I know this may come as a bit of a shock to you; all of you have been my teachers!  I have watched and observed you all so carefully.  You showed me when to slow down, when to speed up, when to be serious, when to be a bit more silly, when to push you, when to encourage you, and so much more.  Thank you for teaching me.  

In your life, you will continue to face many “firsts”-good and bad firsts. Your first job, your first child, your first broken bone and so many more!  You have to go through the firsts to gain experience and knowledge in life.  The hope is that you do not have to experience this alone, but rather with people to support you through all the curve balls that life throws at you. 

I will miss you but I am so happy to see you grow.  I cannot wait to see the wonderful people that you turn into.  I have already seen glimpses of this and the future looks very promising.  You are all so special.  Please stay in touch and feel free to send me an email from time to time to fill me in on your life.


Your teacher.

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The author

Fran Turuta is an elementary teacher that loves to work with students. She is a wife and a mother and enjoys a good book and baking. She currently resides on the south shore of Long Island.

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