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My First Term Teaching

Not long left until the holidays! Most teachers would say they love their job but that doesn’t mean you’re not looking forward to a break. Here, ‘Miss S’, looks back on her first term teaching.

Hands up if you are reading this half asleep at 19:30 because it’s been a long (first) term *raises hand*. I have tried so many times to write my second blog but every time I have sat down to make a start I have remembered an email I need to respond to, or a piece of work I need to mark or a report I need to write. However, I can honestly say I have loved every minute of my first term teaching. But, this does not mean I’ve not had days where I’ve struggled to get out of bed, or days where I’ve come home thinking everything had gone wrong and it certainly does not mean I have not had the dreaded flu….

What it does mean is the positivity (even just a smile) I have managed to squeeze from a child struggling makes all those feelings worthwhile. I have been able to try lots of new approaches and strategies. Some have worked, others have not (my jokes being one of them that rarely works). I work in a school where there are two classes in one shared space and this has really been a change for me- mainly having to speak a lot quieter. The teacher I share with has been truly amazing at supporting and offering me as much advice as possible through a first term of very close scrutiny.

My class throw different challenges at me and for that I am grateful for. Day in, day out we accomplish so many different things together. Whether that is being able to stay in the classroom all day (not me, I promise) or adding adverbs into our work. Each and every child achieves something and that is why I am so happy to have picked the career I have chosen.
It’s safe to say there is NEVER a dull moment in this career! To all those thinking about going into teaching please do and please love every minute no matter how hard.
I hope you all have had the best autumn term- hold onto the positives and not the negatives.
Merry Christmas.

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The author

‘Miss S’ is a 21-year-old in her NQT year in a Primary School. She blogs regarding her teaching journey and the interesting experiences she comes across.

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