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Resilience Video Series: Self Efficacy

We often hear that we need to build resilience or have resilience. But what is resilience?
We call it “bounce-back-ability”. In other words, the ability to manage difficult or stressful experiences in our lives. 
This is undoubtedly a stressful experience in our lives. There’s a global pandemic affecting our safety, which is creating fear and uncertainty. Alongside huge changes in our lifestyles, livelihoods, homes, families and friendships, no one knows how long this will last or when a solution will arrive. Our ‘new normal’ feels unsure and ongoing, and is creating a lot of anxiety, fear, worry and frustration. How do we keep juggling all these new balls that are being thrown at us such as lockdowns, working from home, schools closing and isolation?
This is exactly why we’ve created our free video training series. We want to help you keep bouncing back.
There are 5 key steps to building resilience, these are 1) self awareness, 2) self efficacy, 3) strengthening positivity, 4) self-regulation and 5) staying connected.
There are 5 videos that cover each of the building blocks to resilience. Within each video you’ll find some information on how each step contributes to building your resilience, along with some exercises and activities to help you strengthen every step of your resilience journey. There are also printable activity worksheets to support the videos and help you practice each building block.
Our goal is to not only help you understand what resilience means, but most importantly provide you with the tools to build and strengthen resilience daily. 
Meaning that whatever life throws at you, you have the knowledge and tools to keep bouncing back, and most importantly; if you are struggling to keep bouncing, you know who and how to ask for help.

Video 2: Self Efficacy
Self efficacy is believing that you can and that you will. 
Research suggests that developing a strong sense of self efficacy helps you to turn challenges into opportunities, develop a sense of confidence and optimism and cultivate a growth mindset.
But how can you foster and strengthen a resilient mindset using self efficacy? How can it help you reduce stress and feel calm and confident in the face of the unknown?
Discover how to build self awareness in the second of our Resilience video series…
Suitable for teachers, parents and children with parental support.

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The author

Paula Talman is the founder of iSpace Wellbeing; a complete wellbeing curriculum solution created to support schools and teachers in improving the mental and emotional wellbeing of their students. A school inspector, school nurse and safeguarding officer, Paula knows first hand how important it is that schools offer a preventative approach to mental and emotional wellbeing, including guidance on who and how to ask for help.

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