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What makes a positive learning environment?

Regular blogger, Liz from Grow Your Mindset, asks ‘What Makes a Positive Mindset’ and draws upon her years of teaching experience to talk us through the meaning and shares 10 strategies for achieving a positive learning environment

What makes a positive learning environment?
An interesting question, but one you would think every teacher entering the profession would know the answer to, because who wouldn’t enter the profession with no ambition to create anything other than a positive learning environment for the children in their care.  And whilst in my first year of teaching I would probably have been quite naive in my initial thoughts to answer that question, in terms of thinking if I spend copious hours planning exciting lessons which engage the children (a) they will learn more effectively because they are engaged, (b) they’ll enjoy coming to school and (c) hey! (Quite a big one for teachers) they’ll like me. Entering my RQT year I’ll always remember the feedback given from my first Head Teacher following a lesson observation, in which she said ‘Liz, I love how you engage the children, but remember it’s not all about the WOW! It’s about their learning journey’. And so, for the next 9 years as a class based teacher I began to explore, be curious about, adapt and change my practice, not only striving to be the best version of me but to create a positive learning environment that would nurture 28 children to also be the best versions of themselves.
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The author

Liz Cronshaw, co-owner of Grow Your Mindset with 14 years experience in corporate business and 10 years as a class teacher, then middle leader has a passion to share within educational settings and businesses the importance of becoming more mindset aware, as this truly underpins everything we do. The forming of Grow Your Mindset in 2018 has created a platform to share her knowledge and experience to adults and children where they invite themselves to embrace a journey of growth. This inevitably increases confidence, self belief, focus and mental attitude. Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside changes too!

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