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Beyond the Mirror

An individual, personal summary of the dynamics between reality/ perceived reality & impact on wellbeing.

  • Distorted views, distorted feelings
  • Engulfing thoughts, feelings & choices
  • Positivity drained by an image visualized but hidden to all
  • Sense of worth determined by emotionally led reasoning not understood by outsiders
  • Protective fog of contrasting opinions surrounding a fragile physical form
  • One view to the outside world, many others kept within
  • Endless invites, occasions cancelled- expert at plausible reasoning to mask panic inside
  • Day to day inner strength required to present an image of confidence, knowledge & togetherness whilst battling personalised, loud & constant voices
  • Tug of war with yourself- push away, pull back, push away, pull back
  • Self worth determined by mirror dictating choices for the minute, hour, day
  • Perpetual cycle- mirror, feelings, activity, mirror, feelings, activity……
  • Control, power, self efficacy, balance
  • Lonely, loner, secretive, wary

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The author

Jayne Carter

Jayne is a committed shoe lover and School Effectiveness Advisor for Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust. She loves discussing all things Early Years with anyone who will give her the opportunity and prides herself in looking after the adults in the hope that they can also look after the children. Achieve your potential! Winner of ‘Literacy / Numeracy Blog of the Year’ at the 2019 Nexus Education Awards.

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