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Unplug & Reboot

Another Mental Health Minute from Rusty May and

Tips on how to rest, relax and recharge so you have more to share with the kids in your care.

Find out more about Rusty’s daily social skills videos and take a free trial at

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The author

Rusty May

Rusty May is a school counselor, co-author of 'Time In Teaching' and the creator of (, a daily, one minute video program focusing on social skills and student achievement that is currently watched by thousands of students around the US and in other countries. May trains educators to put self care first, to be assertive classroom managers and to be positive disciplinarians which results in more time on task, better relational and educational outcomes, increased job satisfaction and their students acquiring the behavioral skills they need to succeed. May believes that we need to acknowledge that the entire world is experiencing historical, collective trauma and to think that we can return to academics without making mental health a priority is sheer folly. May is committed to providing students and teachers with the social-emotional resources they need to heal, catch up and move forward.

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