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Why I Quit Teaching in the UK

One of the questions Thomas Blakemore always gets asked is why he left the UK to teach in the UAE.

Here he shares the things he found difficult in the UK and what attracted him to move.

Thomas Blakemore quit uk

Before I jump into the reasons why I quit teaching in the UK, I feel it is important that I establish at this point how wonderful my school was. I am aware a lot of people may read this post and be inclined to suggest that it was just the school that was the problem – i.e. not the right match for me, and that I should have tried another school before quitting teaching in the UK, in pursuit of a happier teaching career internationally. However, this was not the case, so this blog is absolutely not about ‘spilling the tea’ about how much I hated my school, clashed with colleagues and senior leaders and other dramas because this simply was not the case. In fact, I thoroughly loved my school and felt well-supported by everyone around me there, so much so I said to my Headteacher before leaving, that if I could move the school to Dubai, then I would do that in a heartbeat.

Read the whole blog here

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The author

Thomas Blakemore

Thomas started his career after Graduating From Edge Hill University where he studied BA (hons) Primary Mathematics Education with QTS. In the UK, Thomas taught in Upper Key Stage 2. Now teaching abroad in Dubai he teaches in Year 3 while leading humanities. Thomas started his YouTube channel in the UK to show share advice and support to parents and children at school. This has since evolved to creating videos and vlogs to support teachers globally providing an honest overview of the challenges in education and how to overcome them. Thomas regularly contributes WAGOLL blog.

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