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Elly graduated with honours in Human Resource Management and the Psychology of Human Communication. She has always been fascinated with human communication and behaviour, both verbal and non-verbal. She spent her early career working in businesses, managing and developing strategy for solutions focused approaches and building and maintaining relationships with clients. Elly has a passion and interest in equality and inclusion for all and her drive is to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table. In 2014 when her eldest daughter lost her sight through misunderstanding of her disability, Elly sold her business to come home and begin another journey. She did her TEDx at Norwich last year, sharing their journey to #flipthenarrative. Over the past five years Elly has developed a unique approach (thanks to her greatest teacher - her phenomenal eldest daughter), to rebuild her trust in the world and work towards healing her trauma. Elly employs and manages an extraordinary ‘A Team’ of Intervenors and an ‘out of the box’ approach for education. Currently writing Ella’s book about their journey and learning daily from colleagues in the fields of SEND, trauma, education, health and social care.

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