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Shuaib Khan

Shuaib has worked in education for seven years. Following the completion of his degree, he began his journey in education as a Teaching Assistant. Shuaib was given several opportunities to lead and plan lessons in his specialism; Sociology. After an additional six months of classroom experience, he began his PGCE in 2015. Ever since, Shuaib has taught at a range of educational establishments ranging from pupil referral units to sixth form colleges. He remains passionate about providing equitable outcomes for all his students. Over the past 12 months, Shuaib’s writing has gathered significant pace. He is a passionate writer who aims to tackle issues around social inequality and justice. Several of his articles on inclusion, diversity and unconscious bias have been nominated for SchoolsWeek blog of the week. Shuaib is also the host of #antismalltalk podcast and also a regular host on TeacherHug Radio. This is an independent venture where he aims to provide fellow educators and activists an opportunity to have their life stories heard. His podcast can be found on all leading platforms (Apple, Spotify and Anchor).

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