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3 Resources to Supercharge Your Students’ STEM Skills

Kirien Sangha from FireTech shares their top tips to engage pupils while remote learning along with a free eBook to download and workshops to sign up to.

It’s not just NHS workers and parents who have gone to extreme lengths to get us through this pandemic, teachers from all corners of the UK have had to adjust fast, and do what they can to keep their students motivated. 
Despite your ability to quickly adjust and provide remote learning, we know it’s hard to find good quality learning resources for your students. Especially material that is hands-on and fun to learn — yes, fun! 
Thankfully, Fire Tech has delivered over 50,000 technology-based learning courses to young people across the world on topics such as Python coding, video game design, virtual reality and creating content for YouTube. 
During the pandemic, we were asked by our partner schools for some resources that would inspire their students to keep learning and exploring STEM-related subjects. 
Here are three things you can share with your students immediately to keep them engaged and using technology in empowering ways. 
1. Live video game hackathons 
Children love playing video games, so we decided to use that enthusiasm and get them to create their own video games. 
Partly it’s the thrill of building their own game from scratch, coming up with storylines, thinking about character development, and learning to code in a fun way. 
We ran a live webinar teaching kids just this and as a bunch of other ones showing young people how tech can be used for good in the world. The workshops were taught by our super star tutors. 
Watch them here

2. Free eBook – meet the young tech influencers 
Choosing the right career can feel bewildering with so many brilliant options to choose from. Unfortunately, tech is lumped with jargon — futurology, AI, automation, virtual reality, 5G. 
What does it all mean? 
We interviewed experts like Olivia Yallop, a YouTube influencer, Strategist and Author. She advises brands such as Nike on how to use video marketing to grow their following. We asked her and other experts about their area of technology and what they would advise their younger selves.  
Download the ebook here

3. Join our upcoming AI workshop 
To celebrate Women in Engineering Day on June 23, we partnered with Cambridge-based technology company, Arm Technology to offer young women free two-hour AI workshops. 
This workshop is for young women aged 9-17. They will learn how AI is being used in medicine to spot cancer cells, how it’s used in automotive industry to spot pedestrians, and why ethics and bias play a crucial role in this technology. 
Your students can sign up this session here
Fire Tech is working with schools across the UK and around the world. If you’d like us to offer something custom to your students or if you have a question about our learning resources, please get in touch via phone or email. 020 3950 7310 |

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The author

Fire Tech‘s mission is to create the next generation of young tech innovators and digital leaders across the world. They have inspired more than 50,000 9-to-17-year-olds to create and explore using the most cutting-edge technologies, designing games with Unity, building AI models with IBM Watson, and designing entire worlds in virtual reality. Their online tech courses are taught by their brilliant tutors including PhD researchers from Cambridge University, design engineers from Imperial, and Forbes 30 Under 30 tech entrepreneurs. This year, students’ projects have included building an app to detect coronavirus, programming autonomous vehicles to avoid pedestrians and building VR worlds to discover extinct sea life.

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