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Advice for NQTs and Teachers Starting a New School

Having taught for a number of years, Niomi Clyde-Roberts shares her top tips for NQTs or anyone moving to a new school.

I have written this advice based on what I had to learn (quite quickly) in my early days of teaching. I carried out the GTP route and found that I was thrown into a 90% teaching timetable, which allowed me to implement teaching expectations, very very quickly.

I also changed school last year and started a new role, therefore I know exactly what it is like, starting somewhere afresh and having to hit the ground running.

So… here are a few tips to consider. Hope they are helpful!

  1. Have high expectations for all of your children. Children achieve so much more when they know you believe in them.
  2. Establish clear boundaries and strong work ethics within the first couple of weeks/months. Children respect boundaries, firm but fair rules and get used to a consistent structure.
  3. Build a strong rapport with your class. Know their strengths, weaknesses, personalities and what makes each of them tick!
  4. Don’t overthink during the holidays, keep yourself busy and stay productive.
  5. Remember that you are human and that it is natural to be anxious – but try to use some of your anxiety to fuel productivity by being proactive.
  6. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and work hard!
  7. Don’t take comments to heart, people will make mistakes. Forgive, forget and move on.
  8. Not everyone has the same heart as you. What you value, someone else may not. Everyone thinks differently.

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The author

Niomi is currently a year 5 teacher, SLT and Head of Science across the CHANGE partnership academy. Having been teaching for 7 years Niomi has just recently moved to a new school to develop working in a different setting. Niomi’s passions include perseverance, pedagogy, emotional intelligence and well-being.

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