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Educational Leadership Series – Episode I

The first episode in Renaldo Lawrence’s series on Educational Leadership. This is the introduction and question; ‘What is Leadership?’ with Tony Ryan.

Ever since I was a young man, I have always been consumed with the thoughts of why there are successful people on this earth and why some people just don’t want to push the envelope and be able to live their best life ever or even just to reach their full potential.
So, I decided, you know what? I am going to go out and ask some of the most successful people I know, what exactly it took for them to reach the heights of success they have. And because I am in the field of education, I am going to be speaking with Headteachers, Deputy headteachers and Classroom teachers to try and find out what is that tangible thing that makes them successful. When I was thinking about these individuals, I was extremely interested in their perspective on:

  1. Why education is important and how has it help them develop into the individual they are today.
  2. In some cases, we want to know what it was that drove them from jobs where they were not happy and knew that their lives were meant to be more, to the careers they have today.
  3. What advice can these educators give us and what can we learn from these educators to help us become not only better educators, but better people.

I truly believe that as human beings if we are going to be successful, it is important that we learn from each other. To many times we see people starting their careers and wonder how to do this or that and if they just had a little guidance, it would make a world of difference to them. With all the knowledge out there, there should be never be a situation in schools, where we can’t ask someone else for their advice and assistance. At least that is my opinion.

So, in these following videos and over the coming weeks, we will listen to different educators who will explain how they started their teaching careers and explain what it is that drives them day to day to be the best they can be.
Educators such as Tom Hayter who started his career at a school as a caretaker and has elevated his career to where he is now a Deputy head teacher at Glyn School in England. We will talk to amazing people who are doing extraordinary things for their students, their staff and the wider school community.

So, come along with me for the ride. I am excited to introduce you to this series, starting with Tony Ryan. Tony Ryan is a Head teacher, previously at Chiswick School in London who have a great take on education and explains how he got his start in education.

So from me to you, thanks for taking the time to hang out with us and I truly hope that the communication we have with these educators will help you enhance your career.

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The author

Renaldo Lawrence is an e-learning developer and educator recognized by Adobe, Apple, TechSmith and Microsoft. Renaldo develops and deploys interactive learning resources for staff, faculty, and students as an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Advanced Skills teacher. He also consults and trains across the United States and Europe on how to create and use digital media, web design, and elearning applications in the classroom. Renaldo is an Adobe Education Leader, Apple Distinguished Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator and Educator Trainer, and an Advanced Skills teacher. He holds his masters in education.

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