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Get involved: The UK’s biggest state of 3D printing in schools survey!

3d printing in education Create

The acceleration of schools recognising the value that 3D printing can bring to classroom practice, pupil engagement and the development of future career critical digital skills has been phenomenal over the past few years. More primary and secondary schools are investing in the future careers of their pupils, loaning or buying 3D printing technology from CREATE Education in order to give their young people the skills needed in increasingly competitive job markets. 

Although, here at CREATE Education, we hear daily of great examples of good practice and countless anecdotes of projects that have engaged, in some cases, the full school, there is no current empirical research data to assess the adoption and evidence of the impact of 3D printing technologies in schools. In fact, the most up-to-date DFE study was in 2013, when they published their white paper ‘3D printers in schools: Enriching the teaching of STEM and design subjects’ which outlined how 3D printing was being used and suggested adoption ideas to educators. 

Nine years after the publication of the DFE’s white paper, CREATE Education are pioneering a brand new research project into the state of 3D printing in the UK’s schools and we need your help! 

How can I get involved in CREATE Education’s Adoption and Impact Research Project? 

The ‘Adoption and Impact of 3D Printing in Schools’ research project is based around a school self-assessment 3D Excellence Framework. These Excellence Frameworks have been developed by CREATE Education’s experts to baseline and track the progression of adoption in schools across the UK. 

Completing the framework survey will take no more than 10 minutes and for giving up your time, you will be entered into our competition to win big 3D Printing prizes for your school. 

Once you have completed the survey, one of our education experts will be in touch with your Excellence Framework results and how we can help you to progress up the framework to become a centre of 3D printing excellence! 

Win big 3D printing prizes for your school with UltiMaker and CREATE Education

By taking part in the research project you will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win: 

  • 1 Ultimaker hardware gift card worth €1,500 (to be used on hardware only)
  • 1 x half-day Secondary 3D printing workshop with a half-term 3D printer loan.
  • 1 x half-day Primary 3D printing workshop with a half-term 3D printer loan.
  • 1 x package of filament worth €250
  • 1 x package of filament worth €100
  • 5 x 3D printing teaching and learning aids set

Want to find out more and get involved? Click this link and take the survey.

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