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Making wellbeing a habit!

As teachers we always talk about making certain pedagogical approaches to learning ‘habit’ but we don’t necessarily consider creating a ‘habitual toolbox’ for our own well being.

Wellbeing has become vital to me over the last two years and this is because if I didn’t know how to switch off and enjoy having ‘down time’ I wouldn’t be effective or influential in my current role. It pays to take timeout! It refreshes, regenerates, reactivates and re motivates your mind. It allows you to focus and tops up your energy, needed, especially to get through a busy term!

I have really enjoyed taking part in sketching, fitness challenges, taking photographs of favourite holidays and connecting with like-minded colleagues, that are equally as positive and supportive. I make sure I attend fitness sessions twice a week, even if I feel incredibly busy, I run my own ‘no excuses’ policy; that I make sure I abide by! I look forward to these sessions and feel great when I’ve been.

Wellbeing in teaching should now be included in the job specification, as I honestly believe that if you don’t look after your mental and physical health, then you cannot cater ‘successfully’ for pupils, colleagues and be completely ‘present’ in the presence of family and friends.

I will continue to express to colleagues and the Twitter teaching network how fundamental wellbeing is, if we want to last (in teaching) and be effective in the long run, we need to look after our most important asset – our mind space.

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The author

Niomi is currently a year 5 teacher, SLT and Head of Science across the CHANGE partnership academy. Having been teaching for 7 years Niomi has just recently moved to a new school to develop working in a different setting. Niomi’s passions include perseverance, pedagogy, emotional intelligence and well-being.

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