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Nexus Education Awards Winners

The annual Nexus Education Awards took place last Friday (the 3rd of June, 2022) in Ysgol Gwynedd, Flint. Educators attended from all over the UK and watched online from all over the world. The evening was a chance for us to say thank you to our community for all their support and was a massive success.

Here is a recap of the winners and the winning blogs so you can read them again.

In case you missed it, you can watch the whole ceremony here.

Awards 2022 winners
The winners on stage at the Nexus Awards 2022

The Winners

The School Management and Leadership Award, sponsored by Reed.

The Winner: Sarah Davies- A Realistic Picture of Leadership.

The Classroom and Curriculum Improvement Award, sponsored by Giglets Education.

An Honorable Mention: Sammy White- The Digital Divide and my Students.

The Winner: Kat Cauchi- From Techno-snore to Techno-score.

The Inclusion Award, sponsored by CPOMS.

The Winner: Abigail Hawkins- A lot has happened in the last 12 months, not to mention a couple of Lockdowns!

The NQT/ECT Inspiration Award, sponsored by Cornerstones Education.

The Winner: Mr. T- The Early Career Framework.

The Spotlight on Wellbeing Award, sponsored by Unify Schools.

The Winner: Lynn How- Let’s Stop Calling it Teacher ‘Burnout’.

NeXworking Partner of the Year: Utility Aid

There’s nothing special about the energy we sell. In fact, it’s exactly the same energy as all our competitors provide. But there is something special about the way we do it. Where others complicate the process, we simplify it. Where others confuse customers with hidden terms, we’re an open book. And where others do all they can to make as much money from their customers as possible, we do all we can to make as little. Everything we do, we do it differently. Our customers are a privilege. One we’ll never take advantage of.

The School Collaboration Award: David Winfield

The Blogger of the Year Award

This was the blog that had had the most reads in the month prior to the awards evening.

An Honorable Mention: Lynn How

The Winner: Cate Knight- Utterly No-tivated.

A massive congratulations to all the nominees, we appreciate you all.

We also had thoroughly inspiring talks from Matt Dechaine, Ben Brown and Louise Jaunbocus-Cooper.

We also want to thank our sponsors, Ysgol Gwynedd for hosting us, and Apetito for catering for the event.

We had a brilliant evening which even included a quiz from Simon Hunt.

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The author

Community Engagement Manager and Editor at Nexus Education. BA Hons English Literature.

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