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Twitter, Tinies, Tuesday- all Explained

There are so many hashtags popping up on Twitter at the moment that it somewhat makes my head swirl, so I thought that I would take the opportunity to explain the three that I have created and their purposes. #TinyVoiceTuesday – the hashtag to use if you want me to retweet your question and tag people in so that you’ll get some great answers. Please also tag me into your initial question so that it pops up in my notifications immediately.

#TinyVoiceTuesdayUnites – this is the community hashtag. It started at 6am on a Tuesday morning by me. I tweet and to join you just need to reply to my tweet. #TinyVoiceTuesdayUnites is like a community hall – you enter it by writing on the thread (replying to my response) and everyone knows you are there. It is a wonderful way to grow your personal learning network and growing your connections.

#TVTTagTeam – This isn’t really a hashtag in the true sense but a team of people who I tag in questions. They are educators who are utterly willing to help at a drop of a hat (see my last post on here) so this hashtag is more of a badge. So, I hope that makes more sense but if you want even greater clarity I have written about each of them in more detail here –

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The author

Toria has been teaching for twenty years and has had many roles in the primary sector over this time. She loves love learning about new ways of teaching and over the past twenty years her teaching has evolved with everything that she has learnt. Recently, Toria has discovered Twitter and views it as a massive staffroom where any educator can get help and advice from thousands of others. She sees it as such a powerful tool for educators that she is doing her best to make it more available to those newer or less well-known teachers on Twitter through the hashtag #TinyVoiceTuesday...

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