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Welcome To My Classroom

Like her 1st blog for Nexus, Farhana has stuck to her philosophical roots.

This blog takes us through a journey into her first ever classroom and how she takes pride in her own space.

Displays Farhana Aktar

For many of us salaried trainees/ NQTs we would have been fortunate enough to get our own classroom in placement school A. 
Our own classroom you say? What on earth am I meant to do with that? How should I use up all that space? Is there any point in decorating and tidying this room? 
The answer is yes! I think all too often the look of a classroom is neglected when this in fact should be a focus. Just how we take care of our lesson plans, targets and behaviour management we should take equal care in the appearance of our classroom. 
Our classrooms are where we will spend the majority of our time, from preparing lessons in there to having breakdowns in there because the projector is broken. So not only should it be a safe space for us as teachers but also the young people coming in. 
Having a vibrant classroom display communicates powerful messages about what is valued by the school community and the subject curriculum. What kind of learning will take place in this very room? Is this room inclusive? Do I belong here? Taking pride in our classroom is then projected onto our students. It gives the work that they produce a purpose to celebrate. 
Luckily as an RE trainee I can adapt to the seasons! I had a display up for Halloween and am now preparing the Remembrance, Diwali, Interfaith Week and Christmas decorations for the second half term. I dedicate slots in my timetable to work on the look of my classroom and choose what student’s work will go on the wall of fame. I make sure that classroom displays are not interrupting my PLS deadlines either. As I know some of you are reading this blog entry thinking how on earth does this woman have the time for that!? 
In the end it is all worth it. Students and staff alike can step into a world of importance, knowledge, discussion and emotions. So… welcome to my classroom where everyone is welcome.

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The author

Farhana has been blogging for Nexus Education since her undergraduate studies. She is an avid champion for Religious Education, Philosophy, Debate and Sociology. Since graduating from the LSE, Farhana completed her teacher training and is now a subject leader in a local secondary school.

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