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COVID-19 and the need for Grace and Transparency

Janelle McLaughlin speaks about how COVID-19 is changing the need for grace and transparency.

Janelle shares how this is such a different time and we need to be kind and patient to ourselves and others.

She has also written a blog on the subject. She writes how although this time is difficult, it could bring about positive change.

We can learn so much from before, during and after this pandemic. Read the full blog here…

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The author

Janelle McLaughlin

Janelle McLaughlin is an education strategist, consultant, presenter, coach, keynote speaker and trainer. Over the years she has been a classroom teacher and district administrator. Today, Janelle is also an entrepreneur, author, a social media strategist and a tech enthusiast. These passions and experiences led her to begin her own company, Innovative Education Solutions. She gets to utilise her teaching talents by working with leaders at all levels to make their jobs easier and more efficient, while focusing on the people. Specialities include: Leadership Development, Student-Driven Instruction, Blended Learning, 1:1 implementation, Effective Technology Integration, G Suite, Chromebooks, Office 365, Process Management and Organisational Leadership.

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