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Effective Teacher Input

Teacher input can be extremely effective in setting the pace of learning and guiding student’s thinking when introducing them to new concepts, ideas and skills.

But, if they last too long or lack focus, they can have the opposite effect and disengage children. Teachers can fall into the trap of talking for too long and not engaging the students.

So what makes great teacher input and how can you plan to ensure it has an impact every single time?

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The author

Ben Cooper

Ben started his career after graduating from University of Cumbria – Lancaster Campus where he studied Art and Design with Primary QTS. He has taught in Manchester and overseas in Dubai where he works in a large through school. Ben is now Primary Principal. He is author of creator of WAGOLL Teaching blog and vlog on YouTube and developed the LiteracyWAGOLL website. He also writes articles for various publications including TeachPrimary. Winner of the Blogging Excellence Award at the Nexus Awards 2020.

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