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Commercial Partners Blog Awards Nominees

It is our pleasure to be able to announce the nominees for the Commercial Partner Blog Award category at the Nexus Education Blog Awards 2019.
Everything we do at Nexus Education is absolutely free for schools and always will be. Our fantastic commercial partners help fund the free resources we can offer our community via their work with us at our NeXworking events, non promotional blogs aimed at sharing knowledge and the great contacts they share with us regularly.
This award is to celebrate these great partners and to thank them.

2 Replies to “Commercial Partners Blog Awards Nominees”

  1. Amrit kaur says:

    I really appreciate the work you have done, you explained everything in such an amazing and simple way.

  2. Kawal says:

    Thanks for writing this in depth post. You covered every angle. One word to say, I love it!

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Damien Challenger

Damien is the co-founder of Nexus Education - a collaboration of over 11,000 schools, 500 solution providers and other key figures across the education sector. Nexus encourages, and aids, group collaboration across a number of areas including procurement and training to ensure the best possible outcomes for children in schools all over the UK. Nexus has invested over £100,000 directly into UK schools via #NeXworking.

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