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Dr Asha Patel

MINTclass is the whole school pupil information manager, built on the foundations of a class seating planner. Using MINTclass, teachers can easily create customisable seating planners that display whatever student information they need, all in one place! From attendance, attainment, behaviour, SEN considerations, latest maths test results or even favourite foods, with MINTclass, teachers can consolidate key information onto neat little cards that make maximising their class’ potential as easy as a few clicks! “We wanted something simple, that made arranging classes easier - but it does so much more than that. MINTclass saves teachers time and presents data about my class in a user-friendly way. What more could we want?”- Grant Wilson, Homewood School To see how MINTclass can change the way you manage your classroom and reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, visit

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