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Ten Key Takeaways from The International Reading Conference 2023

Every educator knows how important it is for students to be able to read efficiently. It impacts their education, prospects, and life outcomes. However, teaching students to read and engaging reluctant readers is a challenge many teachers face, especially when time, money, and resources are limited.

The start of the new academic year is the perfect opportunity to introduce new reading strategies to engage students and foster a love of reading.

You shouldn’t have to spend hours searching for the latest concepts or change your teaching approach to see an impact. You don’t have to, thanks to Reading Solutions UK’s International Reading Conference 2023 (IRC23).

The IRC23 gathered thought leaders in education, literacy experts, and EdTech specialists around the globe to share tried and tested methods of promoting reading within schools, resulting in accelerated reading progress. Some common themes emerged from the three days packed with valuable advice from various speakers.

Read the ‘Ten key takeaways from The International Reading Conference 2023’ to discover the latest reading strategies and advice for improving your students’ reading outcomes.

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Reading Solutions UK provide exceptional educational technology solutions that improve outcomes for schools, educators, and young learners. Reading Solutions UK is home to Reading Plus, an evidence-based adaptive reading intervention and improvement programme. It is designed to develop students’ reading skills by increasing vocabulary, comprehension, and silent reading fluency. Aimed at pupils in KS2 and above, Reading Plus has a readability range from Y2 to beyond GCSE. It supports students in developing their skills to read competently and confidently. Are you interested in knowing more? Book a free online call with expert Reading Development Consultants to learn more about the programme ( or sign up for a free four-week pilot of the programme to experience firsthand how it can improve your students’ outcomes (

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