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Why we are teachers

You plan lessons, manage behaviour and other times feel like you’re forcing kids to learn who have no motivation and don’t want to be in that classroom.

But there will be that one kid. That popular one. The one who is the most talked about in the staff room because of behaviour. One day they’ll have a change of heart and because you do all you can, you will help them out.

Even though she is in a lower ability class she shows determination. So you help her after school till 5, mark extra papers and help her during your frees because she shows a willingness.

You share her joy when she walks out of Paper 1 happy, console her when she walks out of Paper 2 crying and sit with her before Paper 3 cramming.

You will be there when she is crowned Most Energetic Girl of the Year in prom and take that Year 11 class photo with them.

You’ll wait eagerly on results day. She’s the last to come in and you already know what she’s got. You give her space with family and friends. You hear the scream of joy with her rushing towards you crying with happiness. A tear rolls down your cheek as she hugs you and thanks you. Your colleagues smile on. They were all rooting for her throughout the exam period. She got her Grade 4. She’s got the pass she needed. She’s going on to do great things and you were able to help her on that journey.

Over your time in the teaching field you will meet 100’s of teachers, teach 1000’s of students and witness tonnes of moments you will cherish.

It’s very easy to lose focus but all it takes is one student’s happiness to remind you why you have such a rewarding job.

3 Replies to “Why we are teachers”

  1. Ali Lyons says:

    Do you have any colleagues that are math, chemistry, physic or biology teachers?
    They can forward their CV to my email address,

  2. Damien Challenger says:

    We will message Nuzha now to let her know, thanks.

  3. Nuzha says:

    Thanks Ali. I will let them know.

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The author

Nuzha currently works as a mathematics teacher and has been involved in the education sector for over 7 years. Nuzha has worked in the public and private sector as well as being involved in curriculum writing publishing several syllabi in the private sector. Nuzha has also worked as an examinations coordinator, marker and worked closely with intervention students setting up summer camps to give them the boost needed for the next academic year. She is also involved in the training of new teachers and regularly holds training sessions with them. All of this experience positions Nuzha perfectly to be a regular NexEdblogs contributor.

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